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Our Services

Multi-discipline – Modelling – Drafting – Scanning

Whatever your drafting requirements, CaddWest Bureau has the expertise to help. CaddWest Bureau provides a comprehensive range of drafting services across multiple disciplines for the architectural, engineering, construction, facilities management and infrastructure industries. CaddWest Bureau utilises the latest Autodesk based AutoCAD and Revit (BIM) software technology. Customers benefit from our skill base and competitive drafting services based on the experience of 21 years of service to our existing customers.

Architectural Drafting

Here at our CaddWest Bureau our CAD and BIM technicians are both experienced and highly qualified in Architectural and Engineering drafting and modelling services from building design and drafting, to building modelling, to helping to get your designs and documents through to approval and construction.

We provide BIM modelling and drafting documentation for the following:

Some of our architectural services include both BIM & CAD:

CaddWest Bureau can prepare your documentation, whether it’s a home extension plan, a multi-level commercial building or even a retaining wall, and provide the high quality cost effective drafting services and solutions that has kept our clients happy for over 21 years. CaddWest Bureau offers 2D or 3D drafting utilising the best of class BIM/CAD design software technology on the market today, we can also provide 3D rendering services to provide a more realistic perspective on the project.

Scan 2 BIM

CaddWest offers a comprehensive range of 3D laser scanning and ‘Scan to BIM’ services. 3D scanning will quickly capture data with full colour, with a high level of detail and accuracy.

Our scanning services:

Experts in 3D Laser Scanning & Modeling, CaddWest offers clients a unique opportunity to capture data very quickly compared to traditional methods of survey. This point cloud data is utilized and converted to accurate CAD & BIM data.

The team at CaddWest are highly skilled and are fully certified with the Autodesk suites of software enabling us to achieve the best overall outcome regardless of the project deliverable.

Engineering Drafting

At CaddWest Bureau, our experienced drafting team offers you a range of engineering & detail drafting capability and produces quality modelling and drawings to your required standards and specifications, using the latest Autodesk software. CaddWest Bureau can provide you with detailed part drawings, bill of materials, assembly drawings & any other required documentation.

We provide 3D solid modelling & drafting documentation for the following:

Using CaddWest Bureau engineering drafting resources and technology takes away the added drafting pressure you have and allows you to focus on your designs and projects.

Facility Management

CaddWest Bureau provides drafting and data support solutions for our facility management customers, working closely with Advanced Spatial technologies to create, maintain and support all types of drafting that are required to support the building life cycle and compliance based requirements. From creating ‘Fitout’ drawings, ‘As Built’ FM floor plans, to Services layouts and support drawings such as ‘Emergency Evacuation’ and ‘Way Finding’ plans, Caddwest Bureau can provide and maintain your facility management documents, in CAD or BIM format, for integration in FM:Systems architecture.

Here are a few of the drawings types we can provide:

With facilities drawings kept current by Caddwest Bureau, we can help reduce your internal drafting workload costs and help maintain those essential drafting records you need to help manage your buildings and infrastructure.


Consulting & Other Services

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